There is a Mysterious Satellite Orbiting Earth Place to Crash-Land in 8 Million-Years

Did you know that there is a satellite that circle our planet &  is set to crash-land on Earth in 8 million years? Its duty may surprise you.

NASA has complete a satellites called LAGEOS or Laser Geodynamics Satellites, which are mainly scientific satellites that learn our planet. The LAGEOS satellite circles our planet so that it can be communicated from several earth stations around the world. LAGEOS design is beautiful. The spacecraft is complete of aluminum-covered brass spheres with a diameter of 60 cm, the satellite is enclosed in 426 cube-corner retroreflectors which make the Satellite look exactly like a giant golf ball. LAGEOS does not have any slat sensors or electronics, and are not attitude-controlled. Its main mission is not that of carrying a message to the prospect populations of our planet, but rather studying and monitoring its advance.

 But who will live on our planet in 8 million years? Humans? Aliens? Or will life end to exist on planet Earth?

Picture that life “reboots” on our planet as it is assumed to have happen millions of years ago. Primitive man is inhabiting the planet & a weird sphere crash-lands on the planet. What would these “future” beings think the device is? Would they associate the LAGEOS satellite to celestial deity and gods? Maybe like our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

If we have placed such a device into orbit concerning our planet, would it be weird if another species had done the same? And is it probable that there is written proof of such devices in very old texts and depictions discovered approximately the world?

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